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Cosmetic Bonding in Swanley, Kent

Here at Dental Beauty, we believe a smile is one of the most attractive things. It captures so much of your personality. Considering how much we smile when we feel most comfortable and happy, feeling self-conscious about our teeth can have a huge impact on us.

Our passionate and experienced dentists offer a range of treatments to help enhance the appearance of the teeth including composite bonding.
If you want to rectify the imperfections of your teeth, such as chips, small gaps and wear around the edges, cosmetic bonding in Kent may be the solution for you.


What is the process of composite bonding?

We aim to make the tooth look as natural as possible and do so by selecting the colour of the resin material that best matches the rest of your teeth. This is applied to the unsightly teeth or tooth and the dentist will shape and then harden the material using a special light.

Cosmetic bonding is an ideal solution for improving the appearance of teeth as quickly as possible.

When you attend our dental practice in Swanley Kent, cosmetic bonding can usually be completed in just one visit. Despite the quick treatment time, we do not compromise on quality. Cosmetic bonding is minimally invasive. In some cases, a little of the tooth structure may need to be removed, but this is kept to a minimum wherever possible.


How do I look after my composite bonding?

After receiving cosmetic bonding in Kent, your new looking teeth will be easy to look after. The material used for cosmetic bonding is extremely durable, enabling you to maintain good oral health simply by brushing every day and flossing regularly as normal.

There’s no need for extra check-ups, but in the unlikely event that you notice anything unusual or have any concerns after treatment, our experienced dentist will be on hand to see you.


How much is composite bonding?

Our composite bonding treatment is priced depending on the following:

1. The number of teeth that require bonding
2. The complexity of the case
3. The amount of material is required
As a rough guideline, it starts from £180 per tooth and can go up to £450 per tooth if the treatment of choice is Composite Veneers.


For more information on cosmetic bonding in Kent, contact us today.

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