Mother’s Day!

Here at Dental Beauty, we understand the huge pressure there is when it comes to finding a perfect gift. Many people opt for the obvious choice of flowers and chocolate, but the world of Dentistry opens up a whole new avenue for Mother’s Day Gifts! 

There is no better way to acknowledge the hard work that Mothers do, except by putting a smile on her face! Dental Beauty offers perfect gift ideas to do so!

  1. Give the gift of new confidence! Everyone knows that we smile when we are at our happiest, however, stained teeth can hinder us and in doing so breed insecurity. Having a brighter, whiter smile can lead to a newfound sense of confidence and improve her self esteem!
  2. Chips and cracks in your teeth are an easy fix and the solution is the perfect gift. Cosmetic bonding serves to disguise minor imperfections, jagged and rounded teeth. Another reason why this is the perfect Mothers Day Gift is the treatment is quick and in the majority of cases, results are seen within one appointment.
  3. Aesthetic treatments last longer than flowers. It is undeniable that our skin loses its elasticity leading to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Fortunately, Dental Beauty practitioners can use various treatments such as botox and filler to achieve a youthful yet natural appearance.
  4. Prevention is better than cure! We understand that taking care of your teeth might not be your priority, however, we believe that a healthy mouth leads to a healthy long-lasting smile. Therefore, a hygienist check-up is a perfect gift to give your mother!

Here at Dental Beauty, there is a 15% of all cosmetic treatments so treating your mother, a ‘soon to be mothers’ or another maternal figure in your life shouldn’t be difficult. Dental Beauty offer gifts ideas that can help your mother feel beautiful and confident every day and not only on Sunday 27th March!

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